“Dear Craig,
I have known you and I have done business with you for over 20 years now…so where do I start.

I have some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry because of your expertise and eye to pick just the right piece for my liking. From the very old (antique) styles to the modern day styles. I treasure my jewels! My experience and satisfaction, is and has been lasting, pleasing and one that keeps me coming back for more…”

“My Husband purchased the most amazing estate piece ring for me and the entire team has been amazing.”

“I can remember coming into this store ever since I was just a few years old. I’ve seen the building undergo a series of beautiful transformations, met many memorable people who both work and visit the store, and most of all- I remember getting to spend valuable time with my wonderful Dad. Craig Burgess, and my wonderful stepmom Penny. Although, I myself do not possess the wealth of knowledge about jewelry that they do, I do know that they always endeavor to find the perfect match for anyone who walks into the store, are always welcoming and helpful, and -for me- are a very important part of my life.”

“Friendly, knowledgeable service, beautiful and UNIQUE designs and very affordable prices. The are definitely worth checking out!!”

“The most honest jeweler I have ever dealt with. I have purchased all my jewelry from him over many, many years. I am so ready to make another purchase!….”